About agency

The agency acts as a platform for the promotion of energy efficiency and energy saving based on ESCO mechanism


  • Promotion of energyservice as accessible and understandable services
  • Development of energy service business and promotion of business activity in the energy efficiency

  • Awareness raising on ESCO potential
  • Promotion cooperation between energy service companies, politicians and all stakeholders

  • Information, experience and expertise exchange in the energy community
  • Dissemination of best practices and knowledge on ESCOs and energy performance contracts

Our team

Vasyl Stepanenko
Vasyl Stepanenko

Expert with 25 years experience in implementing energy efficiency projects in municipalities, industry and energy. Editor-in-chief of magazine "ESCO".

Victoria Artiukh
Victoria Artiukh
Executive director

Specialist with over 10 years experience in launching and supporting public awareness campaigns, including event management.

Olga Goroshko
Olga Goroshko
Project manager

Business process analysis, marketing strategy, market analysis and market research, PR-events.

Svitlana Bogatova
Svitlana Bogatova
Chief designer

Web design, advertising and marketing materials, concept development, design and layout of printed products.